You are good

And I will always say you are good…


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Where’s My Joy?

With all of the strength I had in me and desperate for what was once mine…
I shouted to Him, a shout about as a strong as a whimper,  “Where’s my joy?!”

And He showed me His hands…
In those hands he carried my joy
In those hands I found everything I’ve ever wanted
…everything I’ve ever needed.

“I’m yours kiddo…”

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Today I think of what my life has become, the woman I am, the girl I’m not…and I wish I could just quietly learn to live a just a daughter…Loved, adored, deserving of the best in life, nurtured, pure, complete. To live as her, the woman my daddy meant me to be…the woman I’m called to be. But as I stand in this moment I’m empty, alone, impure, unfulfilled and incomplete.

Though I know this too will pass, how I wish I knew how to live consistently the other way. To live and to live full this life that was meant for me. To not find myself cowering under sadness, lonlieness and emptiness. But as I sit, wanting nothing more than to be curled up and held in my fathers arms, I feel you near. “You’re mine kiddo. You’re mine. I love you.”

I lie in wait, knowing I’ve chosen you and my heart will always belong to you because you are good. You are The Sovereign King.


“Lord, you require these things I’ve lost, lost in the fire.
As they burn away, I see you.
All of my sin All of my ache
My spirit moves My heart awakes
You stand and knock
I turn the key
Come in.”

-Rita Springer – Come in

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Psalm 24 – Pursuing encounters with you…

God, how can I put into words what I feel and what I know? You given me vision to see…How could I explain this…

You are everything to me, I abound in love for you. You’ve given me all of you. You’ve led me into your presence, into your throne room. You’ve shined upon me the light and favor of your face. You’ve kissed and caressed my cheek ever so sweetly. You are My King – The King of Glory covered in splendor. God, how could they understand, how could I explain. There aren’t words worthy or sufficient to describe.

I can say my heart burns for you. I can tell them how much I love you. I can tell them how I adore being in your presence. I could tell of how you love me! I could tell of this amazing man who is more than a man…This man with whom I’m obsessed…This man whose voice my body craves, whose scent I yearn for. I could tell of how you wrap around me and consume me to my depths. Deep cries to deep…the deepest parts of me bellow for the deepest parts of you. To be found buried in the depths of your embrace is my heaven, my eternal desire.

Can I tell them of you in this way, can I tell them of my King? Would they understand?

“Who is this King of Glory?”
The Lord Almighty – The King of Glory!”

Who are you? What are you known as? By what name are you called?
…That ‘I Am.’  That ‘I Am’ who is everything ever needed and ever desired.

“Who may ascend the mountain, (to see this King)
Who may stand in His Holy place?
Those with clean hands and a pure heart.”

I will tell of how you’ve cleansed my hands and purified my heart and mind. I will tell of how you’ve honored me with entrance into your Holy place.

“Such is the generation of those who seek Him,
who seek your face God of Jacob (God of mine)”

I will seek your face all the days of my life.

I will tell of these encounters with you and boast of you – in you – That they may pursue these encounters with you. A generation in pursuit of the King – My King. My eyes long to behold it!


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